Thursday, April 14, 2016


I made a thing! I would hardly go as far as to call it fully grown up website...It's more of a digital portfolio/central hub that also links through to other platforms...because wow there are a lot of social platforms. Have a look!

Monday, April 4, 2016


I am so so excited to announce my first picture book, Balthazar the Great! For more info on the availability of the book go here: ORFEU NEGRO


Well, at least he used to be the greatest... Now he was the ONLY polar bear left in all the world's circuses. One night, he is set free and a long journey home begins. He says goodbye to old friends, visits new places and makes new friends, too. But the journey seems endless and days are getting colder... Will Balthazar find his way home?

A touching story about freedom, homesickness and the quest for a safe place in the planet. '

YOU ARE HERE - Solo show at Salon Ninety One

KIRSTEN SIMS | “YOU ARE HERE” | “’You Are Here’ is a visual quest for space and a desire to go on imaginary adventures to find the place between being lost and found. This body of work is both an exploration of narrative on a larger format and an investigation of how abstract mark making can be combined with figurative story telling. Telling stories on a larger scale feels overwhelming and exciting and that feeling is what I want to investigate with this exhibition. Using old magazines, personal photographs and the infinite rabbit holes of the Internet as my points of departure I explore the landscapes and stories from the area ‘where the pin drops’. As always my focus is on people, places, parties, palms and pets”

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Thoughts.

In different interviews and conversations over the last few years the one thing people always seem to be curious about in one way or another is where I find inspiration. Without going into too much detail about my feelings on the word, I often try to turn the question around to focus more on motivation.

When my mind becomes a battlefield of voices and inner turmoil, I find peace in moments of nostalgia. I really am someone who dwells on the past – looking to old photographs and home movies to somehow connect with a different part of myself long forgotten.  Sometimes other people’s memories and stories do the trick too. I have a weakness for old mixed tapes, National Geographic magazines and Audrey Hepburn. Things that become romanticized time capsules in my mind.

I had the most incredible childhood imaginable. I could write about it for days. My parents created a safe and beautiful place where imagination and play were encouraged. And play I did.  I had many friends who got roped into my crazy games but I also played alone, for hours and hours. I had no problem entertaining myself and when I got lonely there was a forest behind our house filled with fairies and imaginary friends.  I don’t remember much about primary school other than cherishing the moment when I could go home and carry on the game I had started before school. I was an actress in my own productions; the ultimate drama queen.

So when asked what motivates me to paint it is this: I am too old for Barbies. I will never be an actress or a folk singer, but the one place I find full freedom to perform is on paper. Making pictures is an extension of my childhood.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Middle of Nowhere, Canadian Edition

I am SO excited to extend The Middle of Nowhere to Toronto, Canada. I had such fun interpreting Canadian themes, having never been there. The show opens at Alison Milne Gallery in Toronto on the 12th of November 2015.